BSW Digital


BSW Digital is part of the BSW Group of Companies which was founded in 1979.

The BSW Group diversified adding to its specialties. BSW Digital is one of 9 different companies each specializing in a unique market segments, but come together to deliver in-house turn-key solutions

BSW Digital manufactures a wide variety of LED products including SMD, Surface Mount Diodes in both indoor and outdoor formats, DIP or through hole LED diodes in both 3 diode formats and 4 diode pixel share or virtual pixel format design. Also, BSW digital is among the few companies offering the Transparent Glass Module which is mounted on the interior side of glass windows facing out, when off the viewer can can see in or out, but when turned on, presents a stunning video display.

BSW manufactures Sports scoring and scoreboards both in standard and video formats. Included in our sports packages, are interactive video displays, full color perimeter / bande displays in a variety of pixel pitches and available in SMD and DIP technologies.

BSW is now supplying high end solutions for LCD and plasma displays. For us in a seamless video walls and network configurations, i.e. Kiosks, fIDs, advertising display for Malls, Rail waiting platforms and stations, Airports.

As mentioned above BSW Digital can supply a turnkey solution from:

  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. Fabrication
  4. Installation
  5. Electrical
  6. Service and Maintenance
  7. Content Creation and Management


BSW Digital Video