Project Review: A to Z


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Design Objectives:

  • Design and Install 2, 8 meter diameter displays to be known as “Maze Eye”.
  • Design to 50Kg per m2.
  • Design for installation using only beefed up window washer unit and elevators as tower crane and mast climbers had been removed.
  • Install at 656’ or 205 meters above ground.
  • Design AC distribution system using ducting and fans to control temperatures equally.
  • Wire electrical on Distribution Panel and distribute to modules.
  • Run control cable from 28th floor to 54th floor.
  • Provide training on use, maintenance & service
  • Provide warranty work.
  • Design process; Started 2010, final design approvals 2011, Installed Jan / Feb 2012
  • Commissioned February 15, 2012